Saturday, February 23, 2013

Plans for 2013

Backyard Orchard is considering selling during the week at our home residence in Rising Sun, Indiana, in addition to farmers' markets. Our home business has always been erratic, due to the fact that we visit so many markets and are unable to keep steady hours. I think that we've figured out what markets we want to do this year, and we'll be able to sell at home. Rising Sun is a beautiful scenic drive during the summer (the legions of motorcyclists certainly think so) and there's quite a bit to do in town or out on the river. When the season approaches, we'll display our hours.

We'll be getting into growing more vegetables this year, mostly tomatoes and peppers, and the time is coming when we'll have to start them in the greenhouse. I believe we'll have a good quantity of apple varieties that we haven't had for a few years, especially Enterprise apples. We've spent a lot of time pruning the overgrown trees and clearing out decayed limbs, leaves, and apples from underneath them, so the disease problems we've had in the past shouldn't be a factor this year. I'm hoping it'll be a good year for Mutsu, Golden Supreme, and Honeycrisp, all of which didn't produce much last year because of the late frost.

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