Saturday, September 22, 2012

A long needed update

Wow, I was planning on doing a fruit guide and keeping the blog updated throughout the year, but the general business of the season caught up with me. So here we are now in September and my last update was in July. Well, here's what's in season:

Golden Delicious--The old favorite, sweet, with a pear-like flavor. Great for eating and cooking.

Dixie Red--A Red Delicious type, a crisp, flavorful eating apple.

MacIntosh--Sweet-tart, good for eating and sauce.

Chesapeake--A natural cross of Rome and Red Delicious, great for baking, decent eating.

Gold Rush--We're spot picking these. Right now, they're hard and tart, but toward the end of the season, they'll sweet up considerably.

We're still waiting on Arkansas Black, Winesap, and Black Twig to ripen, as well as Granny Smith. All things considered, we've had a good season in spite of a late frost, drought, and excessive heat. The pruning job we have a head of us is considerable. If anyone is interested in buying some apple wood, we'll have plenty in the next couple months. Email us at

Markets we're currently doing: Wyoming on Tuesday, Northside on Wednesday, Madeira on Thursday, Anderson and Findlay on Saturday, and Hyde Park on Sunday.

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