Friday, June 22, 2012

Backyard Orchard Fruit Guide

This year we're going to do a fruit guide to keep everyone up to date on what's in season. Here's what we have at the moment: 

Our first apple, Pristine. It's juicy and tart and very thin-skinned. It's an excellent apple sauce apple, and it's great for pies. Recommended for eating only if you like your apples tart. 

Dutchess of Oldenburg. We won't have this apple at market because we only have one tree. It's an antique apple that's really only good for pies. Notice its knobby shape.

 Here's a close up of a Dutchess apple.

On the left is a peach variety called Jersey Dawn, on the right is Flaming Fury. Both are sweet, yellow clings.

Dennis at work washing apples.

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