Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Markets This Year

These are the markets we'll be attending this year. Some of these market we won't start in June because we won't have enough fruit. I'll update next week when we'll be starting. The cool weather might slow down the ripening of peaches, but it's possible we'll have fruit a week from now. The early bloom has moved fruit along quicker than normal, but we're experiencing a bad fireblight epidemic on the pears and apples right now, which will hopefully stop, so it's difficult to estimate how much fruit we'll have. Without further adieu, these is the list:

Tuesday - Wyoming and Loveland
Wednesday - Northside and Bellevue
Thursday - Madeira
Saturday - Findlay, Anderson, West Chester, possibly Bellevue
Sunday - Hyde Park

So that's the tentative list. Four markets on Saturday may not be possible. But anyways, hopefully you'll see us at a market near you in a week!

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