Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter Apples

We still have Black Twig and Gold Rush, our best keeping varieties. We also have Ida Red, a large pink apple great for eating and baking, as well as Melrose, a crisp eating variety. Yellow New Town Pippin is another type we have currently, and it's a great all purpose apple. We're still making apple butter too. Let us know if you need a bushel! email backyardorchard@hotmail.com or gganate@gmail.com

We'll be at Findlay Market on Saturdays for another three or four weeks, until it gets too cold for apple to be outside. We'll be at Northside on Wednesdays in the Presbyterian church for much longer. We're also still attending Madeira from 4-6 on Thursdays in the church on Miami.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter Markets

Backyard Orchards is at the following winter markets: Wednesdays at Northside in the Presbyterian church on Hamilton; Madeira on Thursdays in the Presbyterian church on Miami; Anderson and Findlay on Saturday; and Hyde Park on Sunday. You can also purchase our apples at Turner Farms.